Monday, April 24, 2006

What is an architect ?

I discovery the questions at the following blog Arno explained his thinking about the question.

My vision:

I always compare it to an architect who design a building. He will analyse the needs of his client. Propose a concept based on the needs, his experience, style/material which fit within budget and concept the client wants.My personally vision about a good architect:

1) Understand the customer and it's need
2) Looks ahead, creates a vision
3) Capable of translate business needs into a solution
4) Talks the business language, and understand the technical language
5) Design a solution which the business understands, (a business customers doesn't know anything about RUP, MSF, BPMN.....)
6) Architect has to be capable of guide the implementation team, project manager
7) Architect has to support his client and become's sometimes the devils advocate to his internal implementation team.

I think we should define clearly the type of architecture; a business architect, a solution architect, a technical architect....

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Almost one year

It's almost any year since my last posts. But in the meantime we spent a lot of time to talk, guide and spread the BPM word.

For some BPM is the new hype and for others it's brings real value to their business needs and existing ICT assets. And for some other BPM is equal to workflow.

1 word 'BPM', different solutions, different understandings and visions, but only one which can leverage it's work with it: the business.

BPM is not only about the right BPMS solution, but it's a real mind-shift of thinking, try to understand how BPM can leverage your effort and having back control over your business.

BPM is about putting the business back in the drivers seat.

I created a task for myself, so I can share my vision and experience in my next posts on the real difference between BPM and Workflow. Stay tuned....