Thursday, October 09, 2008

SOA for ICT-People, BPM for Business

I found today a great article from Prof. D. Deschoolmeester from the BPM Research Centre at Vlerick Management School (Gent – Belgium). Prof .D Deschoolmeester is stating also that BPM is not equal to SOA or vice versa, and that each aspect has to be signed on the right level and be used by the right audience. SOA is a great approach if you want to support the business, which are looking for dynamic and hybrid business solutions.
BPM has to enable the business again to take control over their processes and allow them in first phase to know how their business is running! Today a lot of the business processes are hiding inside monolithic and robust ERP-Solutions, and this is now creating a problem in this dynamic world. How can you align quickly the market situation or re-align a sales process, if it’s wrapped in a black box?

Some food to think about it!

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