Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Surving the technical SOA-World

I'm today at the SOA Symposium in Amsterdam and very surprised about the technical and high levels almost magical language they are using. For most of the people here SOA is a technical instrument only, which they want to keep far away from the business people. (Managers don’t understand IT)
However if I remember correctly IT is there to support the business, meaning without business you don't need IT stuff.
I fully agree with the mean vision of SOA, but it still believes that it should be aligned to the business need. In this very hectically and under high economic pressure situation, companies are looking for solutions that can quickly adapted to changing business or market needs.
SOA and BPM can be used to SUPPORT the business, DECREASE the total cost of IT development and platforms, but not to make this more complicate or keep the business people stupid.
Remember without business, nobody needs IT !

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