Monday, January 03, 2005

Welcome to my first blog posting.

The meaning of this blog is to share my findings from both business and technology point of view, related to the integration of both worlds. Both worlds? Well despite the huge advantage technology brings, I'm still surprised about the complexity and difficulty we have to use the technology as an advantage to our business. (not only my business ….. but overall).I hope I can share some experience with this weblog and get some positive feedback, so we can all pull the same string………… having a better integration of business and technology…….. and this can not be reached by better software alone.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hans,

Nice start you can find me at

Regards Ben

Anonymous said...

Hans, as per your request, reference to your blog has been added to mine! ;-)
Alain Leroy (

Anonymous said...

Same goes for me! Have fun in the blogosphere.

Mike said...


I really enjoyed your blog.
Keep up the good work as people like you keep the Internet personal and fun.


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