Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Workflow modelling

Finally i found some great books related to proven techniques for identifying, modelling and redesign business processes. This time not the 24th description of ITIL or Prince2 methodoly, but a really pragmatic, no-nonsens and to-the-point description.
'Workflow modeling' written by Alec Sharp and Patrick McDermott is infact a book which should be read by every project manager, and functional analyst.It brings the two disciplines of management and ICT together, with a clear view and description to understand both worlds.
The book isn't about technology, but it deals with adaption of new methods and approaches for solving business problems. The different steps are very well explained and documented with practical samples.
So go to the Amazon website, and do yourself a favor !

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jenna said...

Excellent discussion on workflow. I bookmarked your blog. I have my own workflow blog if you want to take a look.